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Perception And Fantasy Photo Art

Fantastic [ fantasy ] art is a broad and loosely defined art genre. It is not restricted to a specific school of artists, geographical location or historical period.

The term Fantasy Art is closely related, and is applied primarily to recent art (typically 20th century onwards) inspired by, or illustrating, fantasy literature.

The fantasy genre is rich with a myriad of sub-genres, and each has its own conventions and trends. With the different terms floating around out there it can be easy to confuse or overlook key sub-genres. Finding a succinct list of the most notable ones – particularly a list with definitions and examples – is not always straightforward.


To find the humble beginnings of fantasy art we don't have to look very far. Religious mythology has been rampant in previous art movements and artwork about angels, demons, gods, centaurs and similar creatures can be found both Christian mythological art and Greek & Roman art.