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Photographers are creative professionals who capture photos of people, things and places in a memorable way for personal use or use in the media.

Some examples of their work include making school photographs, capturing art for a museum, taking shots of houses for a real estate firm and photographing people for magazine covers. If you have an eye for detail and design, and you're comfortable using photography equipment and computers, then you may enjoy using your skills as a professional photographer working for a company or running your own business. The high level of self-employment for photographers makes it a flexible career if you want to spend time with your family since you can have a lot of control over your work schedule.

Photographers create images to visually record events. Using technical skills and creativity, photographers often play a critical role in selling a product or capturing life events that create a lasting happy memory. Although there are no standard education requirements for many photography careers, formal training or education can increase job opportunities and salaries.

Most employers require at least a high school diploma for photography jobs. Some industries, such as photojournalism and science, often require a bachelor’s degree in a discipline related to their industry. Some educational programs offer an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in photography. Coursework includes types of photography, lighting and darkroom techniques, technical and computer applications related to photography and its history.

Many vocational schools, community colleges and art schools offer photography training. A variety of photography classes are offered from these types of programs and students have the option to obtain a diploma or certification after successful completion of training.

These programs generally cover basic photography techniques, as well as the business and marketing side of photography. Because photographers create visual images, many programs also train students how to create a portfolio to showcase their work to potential employers and clients.

Important Skills

Photographers must also possess important personal qualities to be successful. They are required to have artistic skills to successfully understand how to manipulate lighting, shades and colors. Most jobs in photography require you to work directly with the public, so good customer service and interpersonal skills are important. Because technology continues to advance in photography, and much of a photographer's editing is done with complex programs, good computer skills are a must.