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Favourite B.C. tourism destinations.

We all know BC is beautiful. But that doesn’t mean we’re above drooling over landscape photos. What are your favourite B.C. tourism destinations?

Landscapes are a favorite subject of many photographers, professionals and hobbyists alike. Whether you are an experienced professional or a beginner looking to learn more, following the right website and blogs can be extremely helpful to your own growth, and if you love landscapes it can be very enjoyable as well.

Pretty much everyone now has a camera in some way, shape or form.

You should be giving landscape photography a try. Let us explain. Anyone can give landscape photography a try. It is just so accessible. Head out the door with your smart phone in hand and start shooting what you see. You don’t need to worry about adding light like flashes or reflectors, you don’t need tripods and filters to get great shots and cityscapes work just as well as landscapes. There are also plenty of locations where you can grab great shots just by sticking your camera out the window of your car. While it is very accessible, mastering it can take an entire lifetime.

There are technical aspects that must be learned like compositions rules, camera settings and the exposure triangle. To take your images even further you need an artistic vision to tell a story. It is all about the story. Always. It is also really hard getting up at 4am to catch a sunrise. Plus climbing up a mountain is no picnic, although, you do often have one at the top. However when you take on these challenges you will be rewarded with great images and a deep sense of satisfaction that will keep you wanting more. It does not hurt to be lucky either, especially when it comes to the weather.