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Can Photography be Abstract Art?

Anyone can take snapshots, but it takes a photographer; a skilled amateur or a professional to capture the scenes that whiz largely unseen past the world at large. A skilled photographer spends a lifetime visualizing and snatching those rare images that flicker and fade forever. Split seconds that will never again manifest themselves.

Photography animates people's emotions. A photograph gives viewers a chance to experience the ecstasy or grief of a given moment as often as they see fit. While the here and now perishes quickly, a photo lives on.

Have you ever wondered why millions of people bypass certain scenes, and never envision the possibilities? Why does one person pass the shadow of a hot air balloon in flight, or a sailboat against the stunning backdrop of a midsummer's sunset and forget these visual treasures within seconds? A professional photographer transforms these same images into significant cultural icons by means of simple photos that can spark the imagination for centuries. Photographs have the ability to transform priceless instants into classic illustrations of life-paper thin slices of history so to speak.

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