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Titans Lens Photography and Mobile Photo Studio
21163 Lougheed Hwy.

Maple Ridge, BC. V2X 2R4

Titans Lens Photography website has a variety of text and photo pages here. Please feel free to explore the site for items of interest. You are free to down load our images. We would appreciate photo credit if you post them online.

We offer the following photo studio and photography services in the Maple Ridge Vancouver BC region:

  • Commercial

  • Portrait

  • Pet

  • Model / modeling

  • Headshots

  • Family photographer

  • Special Events

  • Corporate publications

  • Fantasy Art

  • Real Estate MLS Photography Services

  • Vibrant black and white photography

Maple Ridge photo studio Vancouver

Photographers are creative professionals who capture photos of people, things and places in a memorable way for personal use or use in the media.

Some examples of their work include making school photographs, capturing art for a museum, taking shots of houses for a real estate firm and photographing people for magazine covers. If you have an eye for detail and design, and you're comfortable using photography equipment and computers, then you may enjoy using your skills as a professional photographer working for a company or running your own business. The high level of self-employment for photographers makes it a flexible career if you want to spend time with your family since you can have a lot of control over your work schedule.

When it comes to shooting make sure your subjects are in place. If it is still photography ensure that your subject does not move around as because if they do you will end up having blurry photos which are a sore to the eyes. After you have positioned your subjects look at the camera to see whether the subjects are in good place.

If they are in order take the photo, you can have many takes so that you can chose the best. Make sure that your back ground is clean and not busy so that when you take your photos the subject can be in focus and you won't have anything unnecessary in the photo. Always take your photos looking away from the sun because when you point your camera to direct sunlight it may cause the lens of the camera and your photos to spoil.
In photography the absence of light means the absence of any quality picture. A well lit subject is the aim of any photographer. Lighting styles are therefore employed to make sure that such a goal is achieved. There are numerous ways through the desired lighting techniques can be achieved. In photography, the angle at which the light hits a subject is crucial. Therefore a professional photographer will make sure that light angles on the subject are at their very best, and this involves the placing of lights at certain angles in relation to the subject, with the aim of achieving a given effect.
Reflectors are another tool through which desired lighting styles on a subject are achieved. The main idea here is usually to hold a reflector against the dark sides of a subject and the end result is a good photograph turned great. Most of them are usually best used with other sources of lighting, such that the light that bounces off a subject is reflected back to it. Photography lighting is crucial to the attainment of certain photographic goals and as a result good digital photography tips demand that a flash can also be used, in the spirit of trying to attain a perfect work of photography.
Here a flash is a source of light that is usually found on a camera, it can also be mounted though, and it produces artificial light simultaneously as the camera's shutter closes. It is one of thee commonest methods through which photographic lighting styles are achieved. Depending on the angle that the camera is held in relation to the subject, the flash can be used to bring out loads of photographic effects that will either render the photo a success or some shoddy work. Amateurs are known to come up with shoddy work and they are judged through their photos. There are other methods through which photography lighting styles can be achieved.