Titans Lens Coffee Table Photo Albums

Digital photo books have digitally printed pages as opposed to albums that consist of traditional photos. Both flush mount albums as well as coffee table books are printed digitally. The photos of flush mount albums are printed on photographic paper, which is comparable to the quality of traditionally developed photos. Coffee table books, on the other hand, are printed with inkjet on ordinary paper and are therefore of a lower quality. Digital printing gives the album designer a vast number of design possibilities, for example magazine-style or montage albums are only possible with digital printing.


Digital coffee table photo blogs are increasingly popular because they allow anyone with a digital camera to create a coffee table blog of their photos. Also, it is often considered easier to print photos onto pages directly, rather than position and secure individual prints onto the pages of a traditional album. Aesthetically, digital photo blogs seem neater and more professional than albums. This has led to their growing popularity among both professional and amateur photographers. Digital photo blog printing companies have used the internet to make designing and producing photo books very easy for the general consumer.