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When shooting full body portraits, lens choices go hand in hand with the camera angle.
Camera angle denotes what angle you shoot from. There is nothing that prevents you from experimenting with your camera angle as well as the actual focal length you shoot with. Always experiment and figure what works best for you. But as a general guide use these following tips. Don’t shoot with a wide angle lens from too close.

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Photographing from about waist level is a better angle. At the same time, it is also a clichéd and boring way to shoot. Try shooting from a low camera angle. Just so that you can see what difference does it make. Usually, when you shoot from a low angle the legs get longer and the upper body gets compressed (and therefore shorter).

The Look for photographer studio  model shaping:

The manner in which your model gives her/his facial expressions can go a long way in shaping your photos.
A bland, emotionless expression might not look good. A slight smile, an off-camera look or even a cover tilt of the head can produce a far better and visually pleasing image than one where the model is giving a straight emotionless look at the camera.
As a portrait photographer a majority of times you will come across models who are not professionals and therefore have no clue about how to pose or give a facial expression. To make matters worse, they would be tensed facing up to a camera.
A good portrait photographer always brings out the best in his/her models. It is the job of the photographer to break the ice and to ease the mind of a nervous model.

As they say, 80% of the energy of a portrait photographer him/her on setting up the model, speaking to him/her and preparing him/her for the shot. Only spent 20% of your time making the actual photos.

Best Lenses for Full Body Portraits:

For full body portraits, the best option is not to shoot with too wide a lens. Wide angle lenses are affected by distortions, especially at the corners and edges. Wide angle lenses will make your model look weird. With a wide angle lens, you cover a lot of the scene. As a result, you have to move in close in order to get a tight shot. That is what creates distortions. Another reason to avoid a wide zoom lens is they are difficult to work with in small studios.

The best choice is something like a 50-70mm. On the other hand, with telelenses, you have to stand too far away in order to crop out negative space. That means your subject will be compressed against a background.Between a wide-angle zoom and a telephoto, however, choose the latter. The look is a lot more natural with a telephoto. And always shoot from a distance and zoom in rather than use the widest focal length and shoot from a close distance.

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​Photography and photoshoot studio art is not something we produce, it's something that produces a change both in Titans Lens photographers and our clients. Titans Lens Photography Studios and staff serve the Lower ​Mainland Maple Ridge BC.

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