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Anyone can take snapshots, but it takes a photographer; a skilled amateur or a professional to capture the scenes that whiz largely unseen past the world at large. A skilled photographer spends a lifetime visualizing and snatching those rare images that flicker and fade forever. Split seconds that will never again manifest themselves.

Photography animates people's emotions. A photograph gives viewers a chance to experience the ecstasy or grief of a given moment as often as they see fit. While the here and now perishes quickly, a photo lives on.

Have you ever wondered why millions of people bypass certain scenes, and never envision the possibilities? Why does one person pass the shadow of a hot air balloon in flight, or a sailboat against the stunning backdrop of a midsummer's sunset and forget these visual treasures within seconds? A professional photographer transforms these same images into significant cultural icons by means of simple photos that can spark the imagination for centuries. Photographs have the ability to transform priceless instants into classic illustrations of life-paper thin slices of history so to speak.

  • BLOG - Maple Ridge Photography

Before you even start taking pictures make sure that your camera is in good working condition. Charge the battery prior to your photo shoot so that you do not get frustrated when your battery dies in the middle of your work.

Portrait Camera Angles:

When shooting full body portraits, lens choices go hand in hand with the camera angle.

Camera angle denotes what angle you shoot from. There is nothing that prevents you from experimenting with your camera angle as well as the actual focal length you shoot with.

Always experiment and figure what works best for you. But as a general guide use these following tips.

Don’t shoot with a wide angle lens from too close.

Don’t shoot down with a wide angle lens from a close angle. You are going to shorten the legs of the model and extend the upper body. Also, we have explained how it can make the head look weird. That is never a great thing.

Shooting from about waist level is a better angle. At the same time, it is also a clichéd and boring way to shoot.

Try shooting from a low camera angle. Just so that you can see what difference does it make. Usually, when you shoot from a low angle the legs get longer and the upper body gets compressed (and therefore shorter).

Maximum Aperture of the Lens:

Another thing to note when selecting a portrait lens is the maximum aperture. A wide maximum aperture will blur the background of the subject and isolate the subject. Most portrait photos with this creative effect look really pleasing to the eye.

However, this is not etched in stone. You are encouraged to shoot with a small aperture as well. Try to incorporate the surrounding if it’s nice and is likely to add something interesting to the image.

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It takes more than a camera to fill a gallery with photographs worth contemplating.

It takes an eye-an eye that is seemingly dispossessed of the world around it, yet in actuality intricately attuned to that very world. A world of individuals.

BC modeling outdoor photoshoot

Although each person has a unique vision of surroundings, a dedicated photographer uses both tenacity and technology to contribute a new paradigm.

Whether the photographer displays their work in a gallery or online, the customized touches of a professional photographer make the difference between a work of art and a mediocre family keepsake.