About Titans Lens Photography

As photographers in Maple Ridge, Vancouver and Pitt Meadows our goal is in providing nothing less than excellence in our photographic results.

We don't make a photograph just with a camera. We bring to the act of photography all the pictures we have seen, the books we have read, the music we have heard, the people we have loved.

There are essentially four approaches that can be taken in photographic portraiture — the constructionist, environmental, candid, and creative approach. Each has been used over time for different reasons be they technical, artistic or cultural. The constructionist approach is when the photographer in their portraiture constructs an idea around the portrait — happy family, romantic couple, trustworthy executive. It is the approach used in most studio and social photography.

Titans Lens believe it takes more than a camera to fill a gallery with art worth contemplating. It takes an eye-an eye that is seemingly dispossessed of the world around it, yet in actuality intricately attuned to that very world. A world of individuals. Although each person has a unique vision of surroundings, the professional photographer uses both tenacity and technology to contribute a new paradigm. Whether the photographer displays his work in a gallery or online, the customized touches of a professional photographer make the difference between a work of art and a mediocre family keepsake.

Titans Lens in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows provides portrait photography or portraiture in photography is a photograph of a person or group of people that captures the personality of the subject by using effective lighting, backdrops, and poses. A portrait picture might be artistic, or it might be clinical, as part of a medical study. Frequently, portraits are commissioned for special occasions, such as weddings or school events. Portraits can serve many purposes, from usage on a personal Web site to display in the lobby of a business.

There are many different techniques for portrait photography. Often it is desirable to capture the subject's eyes and face in sharp focus while allowing other less important elements to be rendered in a soft focus. At other times, portraits of individual features might be the focus of a composition such as the hands, eyes or part of the subject's torso. Additionally another style such as head shot has come out of the portraiture technique and has become a style on its own. 

Your pets are the cutest and of course we provide pet portraits. You want photos of them to post online or just have around the house! However, whether they stay still or bounce around, pets are a tricky subject for photography. You have to work with the pet to get them to look at the camera, and you have to be quick when you're taking photos!

Titans Lens also handles professional Real Estate photography in Pitt meadows and Maple Ridge BC. This is the photographing of buildings and similar structures that are both aesthetically pleasing and accurate representations of the property they represent.
Homes that are listed using professional photographers images tend to sell faster. Studies have shown that professional photographer real estate photography can help a listing sell around 50% faster than comparable homes without professional photography. The images you use to represent your listing can have a major impact on potential buyers.


We also provide event photography services. let us know your need[s] and we will attend and photograph your special event.